tsql.nu is my (Magnus Ahlkvist) blog page. I cannot promise any certain frequency for new blog posts, it very much depends on current work schedule and mood. Some weeks I just love exploring new things and/or sharing “old” knowledge. But most weeks, this blog is not touched at all.

This is my TODO-list for this blog

  • Add DOWNLOADS-section where I will share some of the scripts I have developed over the years and use very, very often. Adding the scripts is the easy part. But I would also like to create an article for each script, where I describe them in more detail.
  • Add Courses-section where I will share my findings from training sessions I give. This section will mostly be about errors I find in Microsofts course material.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions for new blog posts and please comment on the posts if you think I’m totally off or if you have new information to share with me or other readers.