This session is a compilation of some RBAR (Row By Agonizing Row) examples I have gathered and ways to solve the same challenges with Set-based code. The first time I presented this session was on SQL Server Usergroup Sweden. (Recording below). As you will see on the video, it was a very interactive session. That’s Always fun. But it also broke my timing completely, so the last demo wasn’t ever presented on that meeting. Therefore, I’ll record that last demo at home and post the video here.

Demos 1-3. Demo 4 coming soon in a separate video

There’s no accompanying Powerpoint with this presentation. I had one at the User Group meeting, but it adds no value to the presentation, it’s just a few slides with the titles of the demos.

Readme.txt in zip-archive will give brief explaination to the demo code. The rest you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Especially the last demo requires bit of explaination, and it will be much easier to understand when I get the video for it up 🙂

Demo code here