I do public presentations now and then, on Conferences and user Group meetings. I have been pretty bad at keeping copies of presentation material, but will from now on (October 2019) upload presentations here. It’s also a nice way of keeping track of what I have done, and where.

Upcoming presentations

Past presentations

  • SQL Server Usergroup Sweden – October 24th.  Session title: “RBAR bad. Sets good”.  Daniel Hutmacher first presented “Get your ducks in a row” about how order matters in Query execution plans. Then I came on. Nice and casual atmosphere. Both sessions were recorded and video link will be provided here, for now you’ll have to do with just the demo code.
  • GroupBy, October 9th 2019. Session title: “Eight hours of work in 20 minutes – partitioning rocks”.  Latest version of presentation material and video link from GroupBy 2019 here.
  • SQL Saturday #898 in Gothenburg. September 14th 2019. Session title: “It depends – Don’t mistake your google search for my database experience”. (presentation material on that link).
  • SQL Saturday #862 in Cork, June 29 2019. Session title “Eight hours of work in 20 minutes”. Latest version of presentation material is here. Link to content as of conference day is here:
  • SQL Saturday #851 in Stockholm, May 4th 2019 (May the fourth be with you). Session title: It depends – Don’t mistake your Google search for my database experience. Presentation material not available for this one – will put it up on this site as soon as I find time for it.