Data Quality Client – .NET Framework Error Occured

I sometimes train the course “20767 – Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse”. One module in the course is about Data Quality Services. Every time I prep for the course, I run into an error message when trying to connect the Data Quality Client to (LOCAL): “A .NET Framework error occured”, followed by a stack trace.

I write this blog post, so I can remember when this happens for the millionth time what I should do to fix the problem, so that I can spend my time actually running through the course demos instead of googling for a fix to a DLL-hell-problem. And that’s just what it is – DLL files, or assemblies if you like, having the wrong version.

Fixing the problem is as easy as it is irritating to forget how it was fixed last time…

Step-by-step instruction:

– In a command prompt, run “c:\program files\microsoft sql server\mssql.\MSSQL\Binn\DQSInstaller.exe -upgradedlls”
– Wait until the command has completed.
– Done.

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