I spoke on SQL Server User Group Sweden

SQL Server User Group (SQLUG) Sweden had a meeting on October 24th. This one felt a bit special to me, as it was kind of a replay of my first time public speaking, in two ways. My first time speaking in public about SQL Server was on SQLUG Sweden, a few years ago. SQLUG Sweden arranged a Local Community Edition, with local speakers. That first time, it was me and Daniel Hutmacher (Twitter , Blog) speaking. And on October 24th, it was, again, me and Daniel Hutmacher speaking.

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Impressions from Sql Saturday 433

I’m currently on a train from Gothenburg back home to Enköping. I have attended my first Sql Saturday (thank’s Mikael Wedham and crew for a great event!). I also did my first ever public SQL presentation at the event – a session about SQL Server partitioning.

The presentation and demo scripts can be downloaded from http://www.sqlsaturday.com/433/Sessions/Details.aspx?sid=38722

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SQL Saturday 433, Gothenburg

On September 5th, the first ever SQL Saturday in Sweden is held, in my favourite Swedish city Gothenburg. SQL Saturday Conferences are held all over the World and this first ever Swedish SQL Saturday event is the 433rd. And yeah, the Conference is for free. A full day of free training. If you are in the neighbourhood, you do want to be there. Check out the sessions and register here.

I’m very proud to have been selected on out of 24 speakers. My session – “Eight hours of work in 20 minutes” – is a case study of how a data load has evolved, from basically SSIS-loading data into a table, through some index maintenance as part of the data load, into table partitioning. The line-up makes me somewhat nervous, but it will be great fun to make a public appearance. Old friends showing up at the event makes it even better.

This is the first post on this blog. The future posts will be mostly about T-SQL.