I spoke on SQL Server User Group Sweden

SQL Server User Group (SQLUG) Sweden had a meeting on October 24th. This one felt a bit special to me, as it was kind of a replay of my first time public speaking, in two ways. My first time speaking in public about SQL Server was on SQLUG Sweden, a few years ago. SQLUG Sweden arranged a Local Community Edition, with local speakers. That first time, it was me and Daniel Hutmacher (Twitter , Blog) speaking. And on October 24th, it was, again, me and Daniel Hutmacher speaking.

Anyway, this time I talked about RBAR (Row By Agonizing Row) and how such approach can seriously hurt performance of SQL queries. The video is up on Youtube, thanks to Daniel and Structured Concepts.

I had a really good time presenting, good user interaction and a laid back atmosphere. I even had a beer during the presentation… But as usual, my timing was awful, so I didn’t have time for my last demo. I’m going to record it and put it up as a separate video. It should have happened while I was in Seattle for the PASS Summit, but I had too much going on. That last demo is about how Entity Framework performs RBAR inserts to your database, and how the C# code can be rewritten to send a set to the database.

The demo code can be downloaded from here, including the Entity Framework demo.

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